Design Team Planner (The Cutting Cafe)

Welcome to my first new day as The Cutting Cafe Designer, I want to say Thank You Regina for this new opportunity with you. I´m also happy because the Design Team Planner project, this is just Awesome.

I used cardboard and three ring binders. I cover the cardboard inside and outside using the same paper. I also used a frame and then I printed the title. For the details use a 3D Butterfly , Faux Stitches Mats files  and some ribbon.

Inside of the planner, I sued the little envelope wish you can find as a part of the  Design Team Planner and also the Tabs. Inside of the planner, I used the little envelope wich you can find as a part of the  Design Team Planner and also the tabs to separate the different sheets.

Those are some of the pages for the inside Planner.

Hope you can enjoy this amazing set as much I´m.

Finally I want to invite you to visit our blog. You can find amazing different ideas.

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